Spektr - Biography

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A French duo, who's identity remains shrouded in mystery and who's music is hard to describe in conventional terms.

SPEKTR's compositions join industrial and ambient elements and as a whole should be considered as strongly psychedelic; they produce a feeling, as if the mind of the listener, dragged into the music, were unable of concentrate itself or were experiencing a powerful hallucinogen effect. The band is often being addressed as "experimental black metal".

SPEKTR's music is recorded entirely without vocals, except for sampling. In 2013 they inked a new deal with Agonia Records and released their third full-length album "Cypher" which was quoted to be "infinitely dark and beautifully enthralling" (LA Music Blog) as well as "uncomfortable, psychotic, ugly and non-conformist, just as black metal is supposed to be" (Rock Tribune).

Source: http://label.agoniarecords.com/index.php?a=spmJ2KFX4GxAHpRQgBf4v3mlqXAAZddW