Obituary - World Demise

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Release date: 6 September 1994
Style: Death metal


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01. Don't Care
02. World Demise
03. Burned In
04. Redefine
05. Paralyzing
06. Lost
07. Solid State
08. Splattered
09. Final Thoughts
10. Boiling Point
11. Set In Stone
12. Kill For Me
13. Killing Victims Found [Japanese, limited edition digipack bonus]
14. Infected [Live at Dynamo Festival 1992] [bonus]
15. Godly Beings [Live at Dynamo Festival 1992] [bonus]
16. Body Bag [Live at Dynamo Festival 1992] [bonus]

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Tracks 13, 14, 15 and 16 all feature on the 1998 re-release, and the 'Two from the Vault' re-release with 'The End Complete' in 2004.

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The fourth Obituary album, This time obituary changed a little bit their style, they experimented a lot with some effects, different (more clean) vocals, and longer riffs.

"Don't Care" is a great song the best one if you ask me, some thrashy Riffs and drum beats, cool solos and usual bass-lines, the actual great thing in Don't Care is the vocals, finally we can understand what Jhon Tardy is saying (is that good? I don't know exactly), after some minutes the song changes it's pulse and some great new riffs are shown. We can also highlight "Redefine" not for it's greatness but for it's rareness, this is a weird song, Obituary playing with intro effects? And with an oddly alternative riff?, anyway, the song is ok it has some amazing "stops" and the greatest drumming in World Demise for sure, and in the minute 2:13 the song gets a great new beat, violent and finally some old school elements (speed, drumming, guitar solo, etc.)

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19.04.2012 - 00:15
Rating: 8
A very experimental album by obituary's standards, 'World Demise' keeps the crunchy guitar riffs and vile vocals but is taken away from the classical death-cum-sludge-metal genre the band were lumped in so frequently. This album has some of their best songs, including the self explanatory 'Don't care' and unique closer 'kill for me'. I don't know if anyone else agrees, but this is pretty much their last decent album.
15.07.2017 - 00:34
Rating: 8
What a beautiful noise!
I love it.

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