Iron Maiden - Brave New World

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Release date: 30 May 2000
Style: Heavy metal


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01. The Wicker Man
02. Ghost Of The Navigator
03. Brave New World
04. Blood Brothers
05. The Mercenary
06. Dream Of Mirrors
07. The Fallen Angel
08. The Nomad
09. Out Of The Silent Planet
10. The Thin Line Between Love & Hate

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Paul Bruce Dickinson - vocals
Janick Robert Gers - guitars
David Michael "Dave" Murray - guitars
Adrian Frederick Smith - guitars
Michael Henry McBrain - drums
Stephen Percy Harris - bass, keyboards

Additional musicians:
Jeff Bova - orchestration.

Additional info
Produced by Kevin Shirley. Co-produced by Steve Harris.

Guest review by
I bought Iron Maiden's newest cd used in fear that I wouldn't like it. It even took some further contemplation of whether I was going to lay down $4.99 for it. (Yes, I am picky and cheap.) Anyway, all my doubts and fears were destroyed after one listen to this album.

It may not be the exact same Maiden you're used to - some of it is a bit slower, but incredibly artistic. Bruce's voice is as fine-tuned as ever, and you just can't go wrong with three good guitarists. The sound is very melodic, as usual, and very easily gets stuck in your head. I've had "Blood Brothers" in my head for almost three months now. Most of the songs clock in over six minutes, and the entire cd is over an hour long. With Iron Maiden especially, the more the better. And the songs definitely do not disappoint, that is, unless you're one of the strict "new sucks, I only like their older music" type people.

published 18.09.2003 | Comments (22)

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27.10.2016 - 19:32
Rating: 8
Jope of Steele
Surely one of the band's better albums. This could be better yet if wasn't so long; the 2nd half could lose a couple of songs (#7 and #8).
28.10.2016 - 10:49
Rating: 10
At best deranged
This album gets really close to perfection imo. The whole album is full of beautiful songs. Personally, it's my 2nd favourite IM album. It's the true essence of what makes heavy metal so great.

02.01.2017 - 01:06
Rating: 7
Bad English
Written by tominator on 28.10.2016 at 10:49

This album gets really close to perfection imo. The whole album is full of beautiful songs. Personally, it's my 2nd favourite IM album. It's the true essence of what makes heavy metal so great.


I have to agree, but Nomad wasto long IMO
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

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02.01.2017 - 02:21
Rating: 10
At best deranged
Written by Bad English on 02.01.2017 at 01:06

I have to agree, but Nomad wasto long IMO

Yeah I can understand that, you are definitely not the only one who finds The Nomad to be too long. Personally, I love that song but then again I kinda like the longer Iron Maiden songs.
14.02.2017 - 14:47
Rating: 9
High Fist Prog
If it wasn't for the last two tracks, I'd easily give this a 10. One of the band's best works.
13.05.2017 - 20:27
Rating: 10
It feels almost on the verge of being a concept album, blazing out a new sound that built on the old Iron Maiden whilst doing something much more solid and artistic. Some of the weaker tracks here are merelt 'good' - not a single one is a waste of your time
26.08.2017 - 20:19
Rating: 10
A very strong album from Maiden with a crystal clear production and progressive song structure, that never feels unwelcome. It contains some of Maiden's best songs like Ghost of the Navigator, Brave New World, Dream of Mirrors and The Thin Li Between Lova and Hate. Unfortunately it also have some songs that are a little repetitive and somewhat overrated like Blood Brothers, The Wicker and Out of the Silent Planet. But even they are pretty solid. The only ones that really feel like fillers are The Mercenary and The Fallen Angel, but they are also still passable. So overall a very strong album, with few flaws, which highs are as high as Maiden gets.
14.01.2018 - 16:55
Rating: 6
Mountain King
K i K o
Has some good moments but a huge let down in comparison with their glory days.
22.09.2018 - 23:02
Rating: 10
Seba Raven Rock
Muy buen album , la mejor cancion del album es The Mercenary‼

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