Ulver - The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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Release date: 7 April 2017
Style: Synthpop


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01. Nemoralia
02. Rolling Stone
03. So Falls The World
04. Southern Gothic
05. Angelus Novus
06. Transverberation
07. 1969
08. Coming Home

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Label: House of Mythology

Formats: Jewel case CD and Vinyl LP.

The 180 gm Vinyl LP version comes in four different editions. Black, Clear, Gold and Marble. All come housed in black poly-lined inner bag, thick (matte) card stock sleeve, 5mm spine with a 24 pages 12" matte paper booklet in protective PVC exterior sleeve.

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If Ulver were one of the X Men characters, they'd easily be Mystique. Ever changing, always in a state of flux, and able to morph their identity with incredible ease. When we last left off, Ulver dropped that "Zodiac Album" with the unpronounceable title. Highly psychedelic, jammy, and meditative, if you know the band and what they're all about by now, you know there's only one thing you can ever expect next out of them: the unexpected.

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10.04.2017 - 23:16
Rating: 9
Secundum Filium
I'm digging this album a lot!. Some of my favorite songs on the album so far are "So Falls The World," "Southern Gothic," and "Angelus Novus." This band never disappoints no matter which direction they go! I happen to love synthpop a'la Depeche Mode, so this album is right up my alley.
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11.04.2017 - 14:56
Written by PēterisP on 10.04.2017 at 17:51

Written by Karlabos on 10.04.2017 at 17:42

Written by PēterisP on 10.04.2017 at 17:09

Not bad,

"Not bad"? Why the 1 rating then? =p

cuz its wrong for ulver to be here at all. I will remove my 1 when Depeche Mode, Systers of Mercy, and, yeah Justin Bieber will be added to Metalstorm

off topic: Fuck yeah, bring on The Sisters! By the way, The Sisters Of Mercy don't belong in the same sentence with DM and of course I don't have to say anything about Bieber.
11.04.2017 - 20:40
Rating: 9
Nihil Aeternum
I am surprised by how many people here know Depeche Mode so well. In any case, childish decision to give it a 1 because it should not be here. Grow up!
11.04.2017 - 20:55
Rating: 10
proofread free
(This is a bit circlejerky but,) Most of the people who regularly post here are not Metal elitists and are in fact interested in a lot of Music outside of Metal
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11.04.2017 - 23:39
To be honest, I've listened to more electronic music and straight up pop this year than metal. I've never been much of a Depeche Mode fan, but they're one of the best known bands in the world. I wouldn't exaggerate the similarity: it's definitely a homage to that style of synthpop, but it's still very Ulveresque in vocal melodies and fairly eclectic as a whole.

It's hard to pick a favorite track; So Falls the World through to Angelus Novus is certainly a very strong run. It's an even album, except the second track is too long and the last one feels like the classic case of "Oh we have this drawn-out instrumental piece that we don't know what to do with, let's just slap it at the end." It's a pretty neat ambient techno piece, or whatever, but probably unnecessary for the album.

This album made me revisit Ulver's discography for the first time in ages. I turns out they're always impressive and inventive, which I well remembered, but only now I realized they were rarely brilliant. They have several good albums and a few great tunes, but they always seem to go concept first and music second, or style over substance if you will. This is true already on Bergtatt (which owes its reputation solely to its perfect opener), but especially so on Perdition City which people always laud for being so different and unpredictable and whatnot - but not for how good the tunes actually are (they're fine). The only exception, for me, is Shadows of the Sun which captured something magical in its immaculate soundscapes and consistent style. I'm not saying Julius Caesar is as good, or even as good as Perdition City in the final reckoning, but it is uncommonly focused and actually has a bunch of good songs to carry it.
12.04.2017 - 00:33
Rating: 9
Nihil Aeternum
Written by IronAngel on 11.04.2017 at 23:39


This is actually a great review of Ulver's discography as well as a good review of this album.
13.04.2017 - 15:18
Written by InnerSelf on 11.04.2017 at 20:55

Most of the people who regularly post here are not Metal elitists and are in fact interested in a lot of Music outside of Metal

You're not wrong though, this is a big part of why I love Metal Storm and why I didn't just ditch it altogether after my first few years here
Check out Apothecary's Favorite Bands Playlist, brotendo. One track per band.
17.04.2017 - 15:05
Rating: 8
Sexy album indeed. Really enjoying this. Would have no idea how to review it though, since I don't listen to much electronic music, so I look forward to Apothecary's review Should be very interesting.
I am not nor have I ever been a musician or a member of a one-man band, especially a band that has a name that starts with "D".
18.04.2017 - 04:05
Well, this album is just not for me. I don't think any of the songs here take off, and really I think that's the issue I've had with every Ulver album since Shadows of the Sun. I wouldn't rate this more than a 7.
18.04.2017 - 16:21
Rating: 7
Ulver has certainly changed their sound throughout their discography. Personally, this album comes a big surprise and shock. The Synthpop and New Wave sound is undeniable. But to judge, whether it's a good or bad thing? It's absolutely subjective.
19.04.2017 - 01:15
Didn't like it the first time. The mistake was not putting on earphones. I did later, and it's a smooooth album. Fav song: Southern Gothic.
19.04.2017 - 01:21
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Good for what the album does... Being a Dpeche Mode clonish thing.
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19.04.2017 - 22:52
Au Pays Natal
Written by Diverge on 18.04.2017 at 04:05

Well, this album is just not for me.

Uh oh. Probably not for me either then. I still need to check it...
08.05.2017 - 18:25
Rating: 10
I just can't stop listening to this album, it's been love since the first time and I would probably rate it in my top 10 ever.
Perdition City is really high on my list too, but I've not been a huge fan of Ulver before, so it's not like I wanted to like this album, it just sounds perfect to me.
I like Depeche Mode a lot, so that probably helps, but I don't see that big of a similarity: Garm's voice is very different from't Dave Gahan's and this album's atmosphere is a lot darker than any DM work.
I hear some Bowie in here though.
30.05.2017 - 09:22
Rating: 9
This sounds just like The Pet Shop Boys.
08.06.2017 - 11:09
Rating: 9
Written by Oriax on 30.05.2017 at 09:22

This sounds just like The Pet Shop Boys.

and duran duran
and tears for fears
19.06.2017 - 06:10
Rating: 8
Ad Noctis
Haven't listened to any of Ulver's work since their original Black metal records, and I am pleasantly surprised at how well the construction and pace of this new one. I'm going to have to go back and listen through the rest of their catalog.
03.09.2017 - 20:54
China was a neat
Sexy as fuck album. Ulver probably doesn't get Ulver-ish than this. My favorites here are Rolling Stone, So Falls The World, Nemoralia and Coming Home exclusively in that order.

But this also makes me wonder if they will ever make a metal song ever in their career again.
19.09.2017 - 21:28
Rating: 10
Feel good album of the year. And I usually hate feel good music. Ulver is the epitome of opening your mind.

Apothecary's review says he'd go gay for Kristoffer Rygg, well after hearing this I'm totally gay for him already lol.

I think many are quick to draw comparisons to Depeche Mode because metalheads, me included, consume only a limited amount of electronic music and DM is an easy point of reference, but in reality that's a bit like other people using Metallica as a point of reference for all metal music.
12.08.2020 - 01:09
Rating: 6
Mountain King
K i K o
This album doesn't have anything from the metal or rock genre in it. I enjoyed some tracks but I doubt I will be revisiting it often, if ever. The tracks I enjoyed somehow are "1969", "Angelus Novus" & "Southern Gothic".
12.08.2020 - 01:35
Rating: 8
Angel N.
Evil Butterfly
Anyone else loves the track "Rolling Stone" and also "Southern Gothic" ? I think they're great!!
The Fangirl.
04.11.2020 - 19:22
Written by Angel N. on 12.08.2020 at 01:35

Anyone else loves the track "Rolling Stone" and also "Southern Gothic" ? I think they're great!!

Generally this is very good album, Very strongly rooted in the 80's. I always like this type of music.
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