Allegaeon - Apoptosis

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Release date: 19 April 2019
Style: Technical death metal, Melodic death metal


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01. Parthenogenesis
02. Interphase // Meiosis
03. Extremophiles (B)
04. The Secular Age
05. Exothermic Chemical Combustion
06. Extremophiles (A)
07. Metaphobia
08. Tsunami and Submergence
09. Colors Of The Currents
10. Stellar Tidal Disruption
11. Apoptosis

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How can you restrain yourself and write distinctive, enjoyable songs when you wield the unfathomable instrumental prowess of a technical death metal band? Many artists struggle to escape the technical rut, and we wind up with a lot more Malmsteens than Morellos in the process. For Allegaeon, it's not such a chore.

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25.02.2019 - 14:59
Pagan Angel
Stellar Tidal Disruption was pretty good. Hopefully this one is edited down a little.
02.04.2019 - 01:05
After seeing freshly posted video from their upcoming album, I was amazed that I haven't heard of these guys before. I've obliterated all their albums since then and consider myself an instant fan. Woah, these dude are good and that debut's excellent.

Really looking forward to Apoptosis
02.04.2019 - 01:08
Also, current vocalist Riley McShane would have been the absolute perfect frontman for Fallujah. I know, he's been with this band for several years now. Just stating the point that Fallujah should have done...something
02.04.2019 - 11:26
Rating: 9
Both Fallujah and Allegaeon toured with Obscura recently. Allegaeon smashed them out of the park, they were terrific.

Some thought it was over long but I thought Proponent for Sentience was an incredible album. The two new tracks sound great to me too.
16.04.2019 - 22:18
Rating: 7
Stamp Tramp
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20.04.2019 - 00:36
Rating: 9
Excellent album. This band has been so consistent ever since their debut back in 2010. Riley does an excellent job with the vocals, building on what he did on the last album, and the riffs just keep getting better and better. This will definitely be on my end of year list, I'm sure of it.
21.04.2019 - 11:32
Rating: 10
Amazing album
26.04.2019 - 15:12
Rating: 10
Theodore V
Whatever it is, these guys have truckloads of the stuff. I've been following them since The God Particle and they never disappoint.

03.05.2019 - 04:54
Rating: 9
Saw them live when they toured a few years back with Ne Obliviscaris, I remember them standing out and absolutely killing it on stage; been following them since and this new album does not disappoint, great stuff from those guys! Very consistent band.
Keep it up
04.05.2019 - 16:01
I found some of their earlier stuff to be a bit messy and at times one dimensional (perhaps I was listening to the wrong songs from the earlier albums), but this to me is a significant step up...I still find a couple of the shorter songs a little boring but overall I have to commend this album. I wonder if they picked up a few influences from Ne Obliviscaris after all that touring together

Either way, add in a *little* more variance to the vocals i.e. a little more clean here and there, expanding on the harsh style a little and this band could really grow into something brilliant.

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