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Country: France
Label: Lifeforce Records

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Formed in: 1996
Hiatus: 2014-

1996-2003 Symphonic black metal
2004- Melodic death metal


1996-  Zephiros - guitars
1996-  Morteüs - drums, keyboards
2009-  Sébastien "Seb V.S." vom Scheidt - guitars
2010-  David "Dave" Mamousse - bass
2013-  Yan Pierrat - vocals
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1996-1998  Zeg - guitars
1996-2000  Nino - bass
1996-2013  Mick - vocals
1997-2005  Christophe Bardon - drums
1998-2002  Jim (II) - guitars
2000-2003  Benn - bass
2002-2005  André Bermudez - guitars
2003  Christophe "Chart" Charretier - bass
2004-2005  Hrafnagud - bass
2005-2006  Nicolas "Lamy" "Nico" Gutierrez - guitars
2005-2010  David Boutarin - bass
2006-2009  Ponce - guitars
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Releases after releases, Destinity is becoming one of the most important and attractive band of the French Metal scene. Of course, when we talk about French Metal a lot of people think first about Gojira, Benighted or Nightmare but it will be a big mistake...   Review by Jeff ››
What a metamorphose and damn, what a great one. I remember that the precedent album of this French band wasn't bad but not so original but this time let me tell you that Destinity just produced something that will probably surprised a lot of people....   Review by Jeff ››

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