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Country: USA
Label: Century Media Records
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Formed in: 1999
Disbanded in: 2003

1999-2003 US power metal


1999-2003  Michael Grant - vocals
1999-2003  Toby Knapp - guitars
1999-2003  Jon Pereau - drums
2001-2003  Chris Payette - bass
2007-  Dean Sternberg - vocals
2007-  Rob Luckie - bass
2007-  Jeramy Matheson - drums
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1999-2001  Randy LaFrance - bass
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2002  Steve Plocica - vocals

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Onward, short-lived North American band, played some kind of Power Metal tainted with a strong Heavy/Thrash Metal influence, with one of the most impressive guitar player I've ever heard, Toby Knapp. He was also the core of the band and he even play...   Review by Demonic Tutor ››


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