Country: Spain
Label: Ordo Decimus Peccatum
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Formed in: 2000
Disbanded in: 2009

2000-2009 Black metal


2000-2004  V. Brown - guitars
› 2004-2009  -//- guitars, vocals
2000-2004  F. Trych - bass
› 2004-2009  -//- guitars, vocals
2000-2004  Phlegeton - drums
› 2004-2009  -//- drums, vocals
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2000-2004  Abraham - vocals
2005  Ebola - vocals
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I don't really know why people still are forming Black Metal bands, is because is so easy to play? Or to produce? Some Black Metal bands are completely obsolete and pointless, and there's millions of them, and not coming only from Norway, country...   Review by Undercraft ››


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