Killswitch Engage

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Also known as KsE

Country: USA
Labels: Metal Blade Records
Sony Music Entertainment

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Formed in: 1999

1999- Melodic metalcore


1999-  Joel Stroetzel - guitars
1999-  Mike D'Antonio - bass
1999-2002  Adam Dutkiewicz - drums
› 2002-  -//- guitars
1999-2002  Jesse Leach - vocals
› 2012-  -//-
2003-  Justin Foley - drums
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2001-2002  Pete Cortese - guitars
2002-2003  Tom Gomes - drums
2002-2012  Howard Jones - vocals
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2007  Josh Mihlek - guitars
2010  Philip Labonte - vocals
2010  Jesse Leach - vocals
2013  Jordan Mancino - drums

Latest reviews

In 2011 The Hymn of a Broken Man by Times Of Grace was released and quickly became my favorite album that year. The collaboration between Adam Dutkiewicz and former Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach; a real gem of an album that I felt nobody got...   Review by Dane Train ››
One of the most promising bands of the American new wave of thrash (understand one of the leaders of the US nu-thrash scene) is back with a highly expected follow-up to their great debut Alive Or Just Breathing. Meanwhile, two years and a singer have...   Review by Deadsoulman ››

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