1986-  Kärtsy Hatakka - vocals, bass
1986-  Jariot Lehtinen - guitar
1989-1995  Sami Yli-Sirniö - guitar
› 2001-  -//-
2005-  Ville Veikko Vehviläinen - drums
2013-  Jani Hölli - keyboards
2013-  Nino Silvennoinen - guitar
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1986-1990  Sale - drums
1990-2002  Janne Parviainen - drums
1995-2001  Roope Juhani Latvala - guitar
2003-2005  Mika Järveläinen - drums
2006-2013  Janne Immonen - keyboards
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1996  Kimmo Kajasto - keyboards
1996  Tomi Koivusaari - vocals
1996  Eeva Kaarina Vilke - vocals
1997  Rhys Fulber - keyboards, production
2002  Mika Järveläinen - drums
2015-2016  Atte Palokangas - drums
1997  Anita Davis - vocals


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When reviewing their previous album, I complained that Waltari is no longer as adventurous and crazy as they used to be in the past. Well, apparently they must have read my review since even they now concede that I am Waltari (yes - ME) and that I am the one who knows best what Waltari should sound like.   Review by jupitreas ››
I'm not sure how things are in Waltari's native Finland; however, in the rest of Europe there is essentially complete radio silence about the band. I was immensely surprised to discover one day that this crazy genre-hopping band released a new...   Review by jupitreas ››
As is often the case with bands that hop from one genre to another on every track (or even within tracks), the end result tends to be a bit too disorganized and schizophrenic to appreciate fully, even by those of us who love music of this sort. Inevitably,...   Review by jupitreas ››

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