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Country: Italy
Label: Supernatural Cat Records

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Formed in: 1999
Hiatus: 2020-

1999- Doom metal
1999- Stoner metal


1999-  Urlo - bass, vocals
1999-  Poia - guitars, keyboards
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1999-2000  Alien - synth
1999-2020  Vita - drums
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Italy's three-piece doom/stoner/psychedelic group Ufomammut have returned with their latest offering of spacey, quirky, heavy-as-hell brand of ritualistic sludge metal. Ecate is another benchmark in Ufomammut's timeline, arriving on the heels of their latest magnum opus, the two-disc epic journey Oro. Ecate is a bit different in that it's very accessible; a barrage of quiet, ambient phases tied together in a rudimentary way with mind-melting, dense, and crushing dynamics.   Review by tea[m]ster ››
Most of you people who haven't heard this band will probably think that this must be one of the weirdest names one could ever choose for their band. But if you have listened to this band, I think you would agree with me when I say the band (probably)...   Review by Azhidahak ››

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