Bathtub Shitter

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Country: Japan
Label: Necro Obscure Terror

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1996

1996- Hardcore
1996- Punk


1996-  Masato "Henmarer" Morimoto - vocals
1996-  Keisuke Sugiyama - drums
2002-  Yuki Kuroki - bass
2005-  Daisuke Tanabe - guitars
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1996-1997  Tsuyoshi - guitars
1996-1997  Ikeda - bass
1997-1998  Mike - guitars
1997-2000  Horino - bass
1999-2001  Osho - guitars
2000-2001  Morikawa - bass
2001-2002  Sato - bass
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1999  Mari - guitars
2001-2005  Toru - guitars

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I can't believe how underrated this band is, they really play Grindcore in a very sadistic way, total destruction and hostility comes everytime I play one of their albums; I'm saying this maybe because I became a fan over the years (I've...   Review by Herzebeth ››


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