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Also known as Cobbra

Country: Spain
Label: AFM Records

Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2003

2003- Melodic heavy metal


2003-  Javier Kiercheben - guitar
2008-  Antonio Tejada - guitar, keyboards
2010-  Mariano Grasso - drums
2013-  Raúl Bustillo - bass
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2003-2004  Gorka Alegre - bass
2003-2004  Javier "Bumper" Arnaiz - drums
2003-2005  Daniel Jiménez - vocals
› 2008-2013  -//-
2004  Andrés - guitar
2004  Juan Carlos Adeva - bass
2004-2005  Javier Díez - keyboards
2008-2010  Oscar Rodriguez O'Brien - drums
2008-2013  Javier Sane - bass
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2004  Roland Grapow - guitar
2004  Andy B. Franck - vocals

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Are we in front of the new Tierra Santa? Well I don't know, but for sure this Wayland will probably have a gigantic success in Spain. Just check those few words and names first and you'll understand… The label of the band is AFM Records (this...   Review by Jeff ››


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