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Country: USA
Label: ProgRock Records

Formed in: 1994
Broke up: 1995-2002

1994-1995 Progressive rock
2002- Progressive metal


1994-  Thorsten Hannig - drums
1994-  Christian Becker - bass
1994-  Henning Pauly - guitar
2002-  Matt Cash - vocals
2004  Greck - programming, choirs
2004  Sean Andrews - bass
2004  Jody Ashworth - vocals
2004  Edward Heppenstall - vocals
2004  Victoria Trevithick - vocals
2004  Maya Haddi - vocals
2004  Steve Katsikas - saxophone
2004  Mike Keneally - vocals, guitar
2004  Michael Sadler - vocals
2004  Jesse - programming, choirs

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I will be honest, I use to listen to a lot of Progressive music but this is the first time that I heard something played by Henning Pauly. And you know what? I feel like an idiot now and I'm really ashamed but well I promise that it will change it,...   Review by Jeff ››


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