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1999-  Sebastian "Zeb" Nilsson - guitars
1999-  Tommy Dahlström - vocals
2013-  Tony Östman - bass
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1999-2001  Morgan Nordbakk - guitars
1999-2002  Arttu Malkki - drums
› 2010-2013  -//-
1999-2006  Johan Hjelm - bass
2001-2013  Daniel Dlimi - guitars
2002-2007  Nils Fjellström - drums
› 2008-2010  -//-
2006-2009  Max Carlberg - bass
2009-2010  Victor Brandt - bass
2010-2013  Marcus Edvardsson - bass
2013-2016  Emil Wiksten - drums
2014-2015  Ronnie Björnström - guitars
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Aeon's 4th full length is a brutal death metal assault with a heavy dose of groove. And you won't miss any of the complexity because of the remarkably clear production. In fact the production is so clear I feel like this band is in my living room.

Which is AWESOME.

Yet, consequently, because they're in my living room, I feel like they're watching me and if I turn to another album they'll get really pissed off and rape and gut me or something.   Review by Susan ››

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