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The 69 Eyes

150 fans
Country: Finland
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1990

1990-1998 Glam rock
1990-1998 Punk rock
1999- Gothic metal
2002- Gothic rock


1990-  Jyrki69 - vocals
1990-  Timo-Timo - guitars
1990-  Jussi69 - drums
1990-  Bazie - guitars
1990-  Archzie - bass
2002  Ville Hermanni Valo - backing vocals
2009  London LeGrand - vocals


1994 Motor City Resurrection [Compilation] 7
1999 Wasting The Dawn [Single] 7.5
2000 Gothic Girl [Single] 7
2000 Brandon Lee [Single] 8
2001 The Chair [Single] 8
2001 Dance D'Amour [Single] 9
2001 Stolen Season [Single]
2002 Betty Blue [Single]
2003 Framed In Blood [Compilation] 8
2003 Helsinki Vampires [DVD] 8.2
2003 Crashing High [Single]
2004 Lost Boys [Single] 8.5
2004 Devils [Single] 8.5
2008 Hollywood Kills - Live At The Whisky A Go Go [Live] 8.1
2008 Goth'n'Roll [Boxset] 10
2009 Saw VI O.S.T. [VA] 7
2009 Amalgamate [VA]
2012 Red [Single]
2013 Love Runs Away [Single] 8
2013 The Best Of Helsinki Vampires [Compilation] 10
2013 Lost Without Love [Single] 8.3
2016 Jet Fighter Plane [Single] 6
2017 Christmas In New York City [Single] 8

Latest reviews

2009 and the Hollywood.. woops, Helsinki Vampires managed to be Back in Blood as their latest full-length album states. The last release I adored from The 69 Eyes was Devils and I will have to admit that I didn't like Angels, not at all and because...   Review by KwonVerge ››
Well, whether you like it or not, The 69 Eyes are one of the best glam gothic rock (or goth n' roll, call it however you wish) bands around and no-one can deny it and when I say no-one I mean those of you who are willing to search a bit and realize...   Review by KwonVerge ››
The 69 Eyes is a band coming from the cold and sunless Finland becoming more and more popular along with Sentenced, HIM, Charon and Entwine as years pass by. Their sound is a mixture of poser and gothic rock soundscapes expressed through a commercial...   Review by KwonVerge ››

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