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Country: Germany
Label: Massacre Records
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Formed in: 1993

1993- Atmospheric gothic metal


1993-1999  Tom Sedotschenko - vocals
1993-2000  Marc Werner - drums
1993-2004  Stephan Kiefer "Durden" - guitars
1999-2001  Benjamin Richter - vocals
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1998  Sharlie Pryce - female voice
1998  Yorck Eysel - vocals

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After "Seasons" and "Stormbirds" Evereve somehow ceased to amaze me with their releases. I mean sure, what they released in their post-"Stormbirds" era was something good, but definitely not groundbreaking that would make...   Review by KwonVerge ››
Being one of the most beautiful gothic metal acts with "Seasons" and, especially, "Stormbirds", after the tragic suicide of their first singer Tom Sedotschenko they started moving towards a more electronic sound steadily, from album...   Review by KwonVerge ››


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