Evereve - Biography





EVEREVE made quite an impact with their Nuclear Blast debut album 'Seasons'. However, a second effort 'Stormbirds' saw progress stalling despite roadwork in Europe with CREMATORY. 1999 would see former VERMILLION FIELDS singer Benjamin Richter take Tom Sedotschenko's position. Tragically the troubled Sedotschenko would commit suicide on May 1st.

Although not charting in Europe the 'Regrets' album would achieve the dubious distinction of being number one on the Lebanese independent radio charts for a three week run! In September of 1999 EVEREVE put in European dates on a package billing with HYPOCRISY and COVENANT.

In January of 2000 drummer Marc Werner departed making way for the mysterious MC Wifebeater, actually Martin Claas. Signing to Massacre Records for the 2001 album 'E-Mania' EVEREVE would dispense with Richter's services as keyboard player MX Eve 51 (real name Michael Zeissl) took over the role.

Limited edition's of EVEREVE's March 2003 album 'Enetics - 11 Orgies Of Massenjoyment From The Dark Side Of The Planet' came with a bonus disc of remixes.