1980-  Tom Angelripper - vocals, bass
1987-1990  Frank Blackfire - guitars
› 2018-  -//-
2018-  Husky - drums
2018-  Yorck Segatz - guitars
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1980-1992  Chris Dudek - drums
1983-1984  Frank "Aggressor" Testegen - guitars
1984-1985  Josef Dominic - guitars
› 2007  -//-
1985-1986  Michael "Destructor" Wulf - guitars
1990-1991  Michael Hoffmann - guitars
1991-1995  Andy Brings - guitars
1992-1997  Guido "Atomic Steif" Richter - drums
1995-1997  Dirk Strahlmeier - guitars
1996-2018  Bernemann - guitars
1997-2010  Bobby Schottkowski - drums
2010-2018  Markus "Makka" Freiwald - drums
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2017  Josef Dominic - guitars
2017  Frank Gosdzik - guitars
2017  Andy Brings - guitars


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If anything, Epitome of Torture is a passable album—it isn't great, isn't novel, won't be too memorable, but it's alright. These guys, like their fellow geriatric Germans in Destruction, have been able to tread water well over the...   Review by wormdrink414 ››
Re-recording classic songs has been a fad of sorts in the thrash metal world in the last few years. Testament, Anthrax and Destruction are the most well known and publicized such projects and now it seems that Germany's notorious Sodom has decided...   Review by jupitreas ››
Sodom is like a big, ugly rock in the middle of a river. The currents change, the seasons change, hell - even the flora and fauna changes… but Sodom is still in the same place as before. Well, at least till now! For the first time ever these legendary...   Review by jupitreas ››

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