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Country: USA
Label: Prosthetic Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2003

2003- Blackened thrash metal


2003-  N8 Feet Under - guitars
2003-  Scott Hedrick - guitars
2008-  Evan Linger - bass
2011-  Dustin Boltjes - drums
2016-  Adam Clemans - vocals
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2003-2008  Eric Harris - bass
2003-2011  Derrick Nau - drums
2003-2015  Chance Garnette - vocals
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2011  Tony Laureano - drums
2011  Tony Laureano - drums
2015  Andy Horn - vocals

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There's improvements, and then there's astronomical improvements. Think of it this way; Breathing The Fire was a damn solid album, that is, it was, until Forever Abomination decided to strut right up, undo it's belt, drop it's pants and pinch off a triple-coiler all over everything Skeletonwitch has done to date.   Review by Doc Godin ››

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