Pure Reason Revolution

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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Inside Out Music

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Formed in: 2003
Broke up: 2011-2019

2003- Progressive rock
2003- Alternative rock


2003-  Chloë Alper - vocals, bass, keyboards
2003-  Jon Courtney - vocals, guitars, keyboards
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2003-2005  Greg Jong - guitars, vocals
2003-2006  Jim Dobson - keyboards, bass, violin, guitars, vocals
2003-2006  Andrew Courtney - drums
2005-2011  Jamie Willcox - guitars, vocals
2006-2011  Paul Glover - drums
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This is probably one of the hardest reviews I've written for reasons that will become evident later. For starters let's just clear a couple of things up. First, I haven't been able to make up my mind completely about this release in well...   Review by Ivor ››

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