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Country: Germany
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2003

2003- Power metal


2003-  Attila Dorn - vocals
2003-  Matthew Greywolf - guitars
2003-  Charles Greywolf - bass
2003-  Falk Maria Schlegel - keyboards
2011-  Roel Van Helden - drums
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2003-2010  Stefane Funèbre - drums
2010-2011  Tom Diener - drums
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2012-  Markus Pohl - guitars

Latest reviews

Powerwolf's lupo-hagio-crypto-satano-sacro-groovy power metal of the night has carved a fun niche for the band. The "German Catholic werewolves thing," as a friend of mine describes it, has a pleasingly dramatic flair, with all its organ-scored singalongs and Attila Dorn's stunning, operatic charisma. That wasn't enough to stop Powerwolf from dipping into realms below their potential on recent releases, but The Sacrament Of Sin pulls them back to a level more befitting their talents.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
"I've put on the last album by mistake." These were my initial thoughts when I started listening to Blessed & Possessed; that is just how similar the opening track, "Blessed & Possessed," is to "Amen & Attack" from the previous album, Preachers Of The Night. Unfortunately this feeling of déjà vu continued throughout the rest of the album.   Review by Belegûr ››

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25.10.2018 FRA, Paris
26.10.2018 GER, Wiesbaden
27.10.2018 GER, Oberhausen
28.10.2018 BEL, Brussels
29.10.2018 GER, Hamburg
31.10.2018 GER, Berlin
01.11.2018 POL, Warsaw
02.11.2018 GER, Leipzig
06.11.2018 AUT, Vienna
07.11.2018 ITA, Milan
09.11.2018 GER, Munich
10.11.2018 GER, Ludwigsburg
11.11.2018 NED, Eindhoven
12.11.2018 GBR, London
14.11.2018 SUI, Lausanne
15.11.2018 SUI, Zurich
16.11.2018 GER, Geiselwind
17.11.2018 GER, Saarbrücken
10.01.2019 FRA, Toulouse
11.01.2019 FRA, Bordeaux
12.01.2019 ESP, Barcelona
13.01.2019 ESP, Madrid
15.01.2019 FRA, Lille
16.01.2019 FRA, Nantes
17.01.2019 FRA, Rouen
19.01.2019 GBR, Manchester
20.01.2019 GBR, Glasgow
21.01.2019 GBR, Bristol
22.01.2019 GBR, Birmingham
24.01.2019 FRA, Reims
25.01.2019 GER, Düsseldorf
26.01.2019 FRA, Nancy
27.01.2019 FRA, Marseille
28.01.2019 FRA, Lyon
22.03.2019 UKR, Kiev
23.03.2019 BLR, Minsk
24.03.2019 RUS, St. Petersburg
26.03.2019 RUS, Novosibirsk
28.03.2019 RUS, Yekaterinburg
29.03.2019 RUS, Moscow

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