This Is Hell

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Country: USA
Label: Rise Records
Links: Myspace

Formed in: 2004

2004- Hardcore


2004-  Travis Reilly - vocals
2004-  Rick Jimenez - guitar
2009-  Dennis Wilson - drums
2009-  Andrew Jones - bass
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2004-2006  Jeff Tiu - bass
2004-2006  Joe Osolin - guitar
2004-2009  Dan Bourke - drums
2006-2008  Chris Reynolds - guitar
2006-2009  John Moore - bass
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This Is Hell comes from New York and plays Hardcore. "Misfortunes" is the second release of this angry band from Big Apple and even if there are a lot of other Hardcore bands from this city, a lot of people already talk a lot about them. "Misfortunes"...   Review by Jeff ››


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