Backyard Babies

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Country: Sweden
Label: Versity Music

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Formed in: 1987

1987- Hard rock
1987- Glam metal


1987-  Andreas Tyrone Svensson - lead guitar, backing vocals
1987-  Johan Blomqvist - bass
1987-  Peder Carlsson - drums
1989-  Niklas Roger "Nicke" Borg - vocals, guitars
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1987-1989  Tobias Fischer - vocals, bass
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1998  Michael Monroe - vocals
2003  Nina Elisabet Persson - vocals

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A friend of mine who lives in Sweden now has told me the other day that Hard Rock and Glam Rock bands are trendy in the country and probably a lot more popular than all the Swedish Metal combos that we use to listen to nowadays. This is maybe surprising...   Review by Jeff ››

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