The Firstborn

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Also known as Firstborn Evil (1995-1999)

Country: Portugal
Label: Major Label Industries

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Formed in: 1995

1995-2004 Melodic black metal
2005- Death metal
2005- Progressive black metal


1995-  Bruno Fernandes - vocals
1995-  Hélder Malícia - bass
2005-  Nuno Gervásio - guitar
2005-  Rolando Barros - drums
2004-  Luís Simões - sitar
2008  Proscriptor McGovern - vocals
2008  Hugo Santos - vocals
2008  Dimitrios Dorian - percussions

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There's something incredibly respectable about a band who can cover so much ground like The Firstborn, yet bring it together in such a homogenous way. Lions Among Men is another one of those albums that seems like there's a little something for everyone.   Review by Doc G. ››


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