2006-  Anssi Mäkinen - guitars, vocals
2006-  V. Kujansuu - drums
2006-2012  Eppe Kuismin - guitars
› 2014-  -//-
2012-  Matti Mäkelä (I) - guitars, backing vocals
2012-  Markus Nieminen - keyboards
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2006-2012  Saara Kujansuu - keyboards
2012-2014  Dan Lowndes - guitars
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Just lie back and feel yourself decay. Gaze helplessly, thoughtlessly, as the preternaturally odious head of Cthulhu crests over the horizon, blotting out the last scarlet gasps of a moribund sunset, looming over the eerily tranquil and temperate ocean like an antediluvian menhir - massive, silent, mysterious, and unspeakable. As the album tumbles funereally along like boulders being rolled along the muddy underbelly of a tepid river, you may feel your atoms slowly deconstructing one particle at a time.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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