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5 Star Grave

6 fans
Also known as Ground Zero

Country: Italy
Label: Massacre Records
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Formed in: 2005

2005- Melodic death metal


2005-  Claudio Ravinale - vocals
2005-  Andrea Minolfi - bass, vocals
2005-  Thierry Bertone - lead guitar
2005-  Alessandro Blengino - rythm guitar
2005-  Herve' De Zulian - synth
2005-  Gabriele Lingua - drums

Latest reviews

Corpse Breed Syndrome is the first album of 5 Star Grave a new combo which comes from Italy. It's not so trendy anymore to try to do some In Flames music and the few bands who still want to produce something similar try at least to add new things...   Review by Jeff ››

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