Omnium Gatherum


1996-  Markus Vanhala - guitars
2005-  Aapo Koivisto - keyboards
2006-  Jukka Pelkonen - vocals
2011-  Joonas Koto - guitars, backing vocals
2012-  Erkki Silvennoinen - bass
2016-  Tuomo Latvala - drums
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1996-1997  Olli Mikkonen - bass
1996-1999  Ville Salonen - drums
1996-1999  Mikko Nykänen - keyboards
1996-2000  Olli Lappalainen - guitars, vocals
1997-1998  Jari Kuusisto - bass
1997-2010  Harri Pikka - guitars
1998-2007  Janne Markkanen - bass
1999-2016  Jarmo Pikka - drums
2001-2002  Mikko Pennanen - keyboards
2001-2006  Antti Filppu - vocals
2003-2005  Jukka Perälä - keyboards
2007-2008  Eerik Purdon - bass
2009-2012  Toni "Zygä" Mäki - bass
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2000-2001  Tomi Pekkola - keyboards
2012  Eerik Purdon - bass
2010-2011  Joonas Koto - guitars
2014  Toni Paananen - drums
2013  Dan Erland Swanö - vocals

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Finland's Omnium Gatherum is one of those bands currently dominating the metal scene with consistent high-quality efforts. Early 2016 sees their 7th album being released via Life Force Records. In a world where fans dissect every move made on a melodic death record, I have to point out that they elegantly did play it safe by retaining the services of Dan Swanö as a producer. This brings continuity to their discography while allowing them to play within the boundaries of their sound.   Review by Dream Taster ››
I think I saw Omnium Gatherum live a few years back. Then again, I can't be sure of that because I only vaguely remember the encounter. Now that does not mean that they suck, quite the opposite - Omnium Gatherum seem to have the whole rock-your-socks...   Review by destroyah ››

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