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Country: Italy
Label: Bakerteam Records

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Formed in: 2000
Disbanded in: 2013

2000-2013 Power metal


2000-2005  Fabio Privitera - vocals
› 2008-2013  -//-
2000-2013  Sandro Capone - guitars
2001-2013  Giulio Capone - drums, keyboards
2001-2013  Giorgio Novarino - bass
2013  Luca Negro - bass
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2000-2001  Alessio Bisceglia - drums
2000-2001  Elia Nani - bass
2001-2002  Alex Azara - guitars
2002-2003  Salvatore Guzzardi - guitars
2003-2010  Daniele Genugu - guitars
2006  Tiberio Natali - vocals
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On the spectrum of shittiness, this falls somewhere in the bland, overpopulated middle. On one end of the map you've got an album like Morbid Angel's latest (which seems more like a misfire than anything), while on the other you've got everything done by the YouTube entity called Fadades (whose incompetence is, in every way, fucking preternatural). With this album here we've got ourselves a nice old heap of stale, sterile, and sappy, castrated power metal. It's neither misfire-like nor was it executed all that badly—it's just, from start to finish, the most thoroughly tedious kind of meh.   Review by wormdrink414 ››


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