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Country: Norway
Label: Comatose Music

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Formed in: 2001
Broke up: 2002-2006

2001- Brutal death metal


2001-  Mats Funderud - guitars, backing vocals
2012  Mitch Rider - drums
› 2015-  -//-
2015-  Jason Varlamos - guitars
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2001-2002  Andreas Paulsen - bass
2001-2015  Vidar Ermesjø - guitars
2001-2017  Martin Funderud - vocals
2006-2009  Jonas Dedekam - drums
2007-2015  Ian Slemming - bass
2010-2011  Hannes Nystèn - drums
2015  Brad Wroe - bass
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2009-2010  Fredrik Widigs - drums
2013-2015  Victor Parri - drums

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Both death metal and grind are difficult genres for a lot of people to really get into. Fair enough, sometimes it comes down to acquired taste, other times it might just not be someones cup of tea. Then you come across bands like Kraanium, who play a form of brutal death metal with more than a few grind touches here and there, it comes as no surprise why so many people are averse to this form of music.   Review by Doc G. ››

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