1998-  Erik Danielsson - vocals, bass
1998-  Pelle Forsberg - guitars
1998-  Håkan Jonsson - drums
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1998-2000  C. Blom - bass
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2000-2002  Tore Gunnar Stjerna - bass
2001-2006  Yonas Lindskog - bass
2007-  Alvaro Lillo - bass
2007-  Set Teitan - guitars
2008  Hampus Eriksson - guitars
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2010-2012  Selim Lemouchi - guitars
2013  Gottfrid Åhman - guitars
2015-  Emil Svensson - drums
2007  Mika Hakola - guitars
2010  Selim Lemouchi - guitars

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So with much anticipation, stoked by a three year wait and the crazed proclamations of E. Andersson, Watain have released Lawless Darkness, the follow-up to the crushing Sworn To The Dark.

I'm not sure if this is going to live up to the hype provided...   Review by BitterCOld ››
I'm sure most Black Metal warriors already know Watain; but in case bells are not ringing in your head, this band saw their big (dark) light back in 2003 with a very promising album called "Casus Luciferi", an album that was used as a big...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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