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Cattle Decapitation

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Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 1996

1996- Deathgrind
1996-2006 Goregrind


1997-  Travis Ryan - vocals
2001-  Josh Elmore - guitars
2008-  David McGraw - drums
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1996  Scott Miller - guitars, vocals
1996-2001  Gabe Serbian - drums, guitars
1996-2002  David Astor - drums
2000-2009  Troy Oftedal - bass
2003-2007  Michael Laughlin - drums
2010-2018  Derek Engemann - bass
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2006  Kevin Talley - drums
2007  David McGraw - drums
2009  Rahsaan Ahkeem Davis - bass
2013  Olivier Pinard - bass
2008  Ross Sublett - vocals
2008  Anthony Sommese - vocals
2009  Jackie Perez Gratz - electric cello
2009  Jarboe La Salle Devereaux - vocals
2012  Mike Majewski - vocals
2012  Leonard Leal - vocals
2015  Phil Anselmo - spoken word
2015  Tristan Shone - programming
2015  Jürgen Bartsch - spoken words

Latest reviews

Cattle Decapitation have taken quite a few significant strides in becoming one of the leaders of the grindcore scene, from some early amateurish goregrind work to a more professional brand of grindcore to their current style of technically-driven deathgrind. That's a whole lot of fancy descriptors for a band that doesn't concern itself with being pigeonholed.   Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Cattle Decapitation used to be a very mediocre band, yes I'm just being honest, "Humanure" and "To Serve Man" were the equivalent (in terms of functionality) of your scrotum while having sex, yeah it's fun if you play with...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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