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Country: Germany
Label: Massacre Records

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Formed in: 2006
Disbanded in: 2015

2006-2015 Melodic power metal


2006-2015  Anastasia Schmidt - guitars
2006-2015  Till Felden - drums
2006-2015  Lena Yatsula - keyboards, piano, backing vocals
2006-2015  Ines Thomé - guitars
2006-2015  Carina Hanselmann - vocals
2009-2015  Lisa Marie Geiß - bass
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2006-2008  Eva Kreuzer - bass, backing vocals
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2011  Benjamin Reiter - bass
2011  Amanda Lischke - backing vocals
2011  Katherine Spencer - flute
2011  Stefan Gufler - violin
2011  Sabine Binder - cello
2011  Henrike Becker - cello
2011  Stefan Schmidt - backing vocals
2011  Eva Kreuzer - vocals
2011  Kai Bender - guitars

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It has been a few years since people started to realise that there has been an excessive amount of female fronted melodic metal bands. As a result, to stand head and shoulders above others has been increasingly hard, and I think Arven realises it too as they certainly know how to differentiate themselves from the normal bunch - by having an almost all female supporting cast to back up their front woman!   Review by Ag Fox ››


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