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Country: USA
Labels: Flenser Records
Totalrust Music

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2009

2009- Experimental black metal
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2009-  Otrebor - drums, hammered dulcimer, vocals
2012-  Balan - bass
2012-  A. Lindo - harmonium, vocals
2012-  D. Neal - hammered dulcimer
2012-  R. Chiang - hammered dulcimer

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Ecosystem features what is probably the most expansive sound for Botanist to date. Let me explain.   Review by Apothecary ››
If you ever needed a prime example of black metal's growing shift towards the unconventional in our recent times, you need look no farther than Roberto Martinelli's Botanist. A curious concoction of vocals, drums, and hammered dulcimer, the debut of the project took the more obscure fringes of the genre by storm, fusing seemingly unfitting elements together for the achievement of a refreshingly original creation. While perhaps not as radical, VI: Flora seeks to continue this pattern, and it does so wonderfully.   Review by Apothecary ››

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