Also known as Utumno (1996-2001)

Country: Norway
Label: Naga Productions

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1996

1996- Black metal


1996-  Ole Hartvigsen - bass, guitar, programming, vocals
1996-  Gorbag - vocals
2004-  Helstein - guitar
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1996-2001  X - guitar
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2001  Inge Heltne - vocals, guitar
2001  Pål Rebni - keyboards
2003-  Espen Bakketeig - bass
2003-2004  X - drums
2007-  Tomas Myklebust - drums
2007-  Kristin Myklebust - keyboards, vocals
2008-  Bjarte Breilid - bass
2009-  André Raunehaug - guitar

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Exactly one year ago when I came to review Invisible, the third album of the Norwegian black metal band Emancer, I praised their originality and their stunning evolution and improvement compared to a very dull second album, and also their thirst for avant-garde...   Review by Deadsoulman ››

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