Lord Mantis


2008-  Andrew Markuszewski - guitars, backing vocals
2015-  Scott A. Shellhamer - guitars
2015-  Dylan O'Toole - vocals
2015-  Will Lindsay - bass
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2008-2012  Greg Gomer - guitars, backing vocals
2008-2014  Charlie Fell - bass, vocals
2008-2016  Bill Bumgardner - drums
2013-2014  Ken Sorceron - guitars
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2014  Dylan O'Toole - vocals

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How does a band top a masterpiece, exactly? Within metal, history has shown us with albums like Human and Hammerheart that it's typically done by changing their sound to something different, but still potent and effective. While this may sound like a bunch of theoretical bullshit, in the case of Lord Mantis, this rule is proving true yet again with Death Mask, an album that may not live up to its landmark predecessor, but perhaps doesn't have to.   Review by Apothecary ››

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