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Country: Canada
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 2003
Disbanded in: 2013

2003-2012 Blackened death metal
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2003-2013  Mashruk Huq - guitars, vocals
2008-2013  The Disciple - drums
2009-2013  Eric Lampimaki - bass
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2007  Brad - guitars
2007-2008  Arcan Of Death - drums
2009-2011  Dylan Atkinson - guitars
2011-2012  Shaun "Rom Surtr" Johnson - guitars
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Weapon seem to love metal. Like, love metal. Like, they're in love with it. Like, pin up black-and-white photos of it in their closets they take after its Wednesday evening dance classes, in love with it.

Lucky for us, metal's into that kind...   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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