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Country: Germany
Label: Solitude Productions

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Formed in: 2011

2011- Death doom metal
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2011-  Pierre Laube - all instruments, vocals
2012-  Yves Laube - lead guitar, backing vocals
2012-  Frank Haustein - rhythm guitar
2012-2016  Frenzy Pfeiffer - bass
2012-2018  Andreas Böse - drums
2016-  Ina Lüdtke - bass
2014  Pim Blankenstein - vocals
2016  Ed Warby - vocals
2016  Kristopher "Kris" Clayton - vocals
2016  Markus Hartung - vocals
2016  Daniela Laube - backing vocals
2016  Uwe Reinholz - guitars

Latest reviews

Released on 12/12/12, this is Doomed's second album this year but their debut with doom aficionados Solitude Productions. Pierre Laube, the force behind this one-man band, treats us to another serving of his specialty: solid death doom.   Review by Susan ››
Quick! Guess the genre! It's ironic, though... Despite the name, Doomed is an unusual band to me since I'm not particularly familiar with one-man doom metal bands. Pierre Laube is the man behind this project, taking care of all instruments and this is his debut. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but we seem to have a talented guy here!   Review by Mr. Doctor ››

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