Alter Bridge


2004-  Myles Kennedy - vocals, guitars
2004-  Mark Tremonti - lead guitars, backing vocals
2004-  Brian Marshall - bass
2004-  Scott Phillips - drums
2008  Cristina Scabbia - vocals

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There comes a time in your life in which you don't know what path you're following, what awaits you, why you're behaving in a certain way, or when all will become clear. You don't know what to believe in. Well, don't worry, says the latest Alter Bridge work: it all ends well. Alter Bridge, by the way, seem to not be touched by these problems: their ideas and programs shine now, clearer than ever.   Review by R Lewis ››

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14.11.2019 DEN, Copenhagen
16.11.2019 SWE, Stockholm
17.11.2019 NOR, Oslo
19.11.2019 GER, Hamburg
20.11.2019 GER, Berlin
22.11.2019 GER, Leipzig
23.11.2019 POL, Warsaw
26.11.2019 GER, Cologne
27.11.2019 GER, Munich
29.11.2019 AUT, Vienna
01.12.2019 SUI, Zurich
02.12.2019 ITA, Milan
04.12.2019 ESP, Barcelona
06.12.2019 POR, Lisbon
07.12.2019 ESP, Madrid
09.12.2019 FRA, Paris
10.12.2019 NED, Amsterdam
12.12.2019 BEL, Brussels
14.12.2019 GBR, Nottingham
15.12.2019 GBR, Manchester
17.12.2019 GBR, Glasgow
18.12.2019 GBR, Birmingham
20.12.2019 GBR, Cardiff
21.12.2019 GBR, London
08.02.2020 USA, Nashville, TN
09.02.2020 USA, Indianapolis, IN
11.02.2020 USA, Huntsville, AL
12.02.2020 USA, Ft. Wayne, IN
14.02.2020 USA, Belvidere, IL
15.02.2020 USA, Milwaukee, WI
17.02.2020 USA, Denver, CO
18.02.2020 USA, Salt Lake City, UT
20.02.2020 USA, Las Vegas, NV
21.02.2020 USA, Stateline, NV
23.02.2020 USA, San Francisco, CA
24.02.2020 USA, Los Angeles, CA
26.02.2020 USA, Seattle, WA
27.02.2020 USA, Spokane, WA
27.06.2020 SWE, Gothenburg
09.07.2020 NED, Weert

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