2010-  Prika Amaral - guitars, backing vocals
2011-  Fernanda Lira - bass, vocals
2017-  Luana Dametto - drums
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2010-2011  Karen Ramos - guitars
2010-2012  Fernanda Terra - drums
2012-2013  Jully Lee - drums
2013-2015  Pitchu Ferraz - drums
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2012  Amilcar Christófaro - drums
› 2014  -//-
2013  Pitchu Ferraz - drums
2016  Samantha Landa - drums

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It's difficult to believe that Nervosa is only a trio. Able to wield the muscle and bulk of a death metal band without taking on too much to weight to cut loose and mosh through most of the album, this latest flag-bearer of the Brazilian thrash tradition has a thick, brutal sound that doesn't entirely save Agony from middle-of-the-road songwriting, but captures attention long enough to get the hooks in.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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