Evil Invaders

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Country: Belgium
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2007

2007- Speed metal
2007- Thrash metal


2007-  Jöe Anus - vocals, guitars
2010-  Sam "Uncle Sam" Lemmens - guitars
2011-  Senne "Pattat" Jacobs - drums
2014-  Max Mayhem - bass
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2007-2010  Stavrös Koekeloeres - guitars, backing vocals
2007-2011  Speedfreak Frey - drums
2008-2009  Boner - bass
2009-2013  Stringking Pussymagnet Alain - bass, backing vocals
2013-2014  Nico Beekwilder - bass, backing vocals
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People who know a thing or two will have a considered opinion on the whole thrash/speed metal/old-school-in-general revival movement. There are those who see it as an image-centered, hero-worshiping kind of thing, and then there are those who don't, when it comes down to it, care if music is experimental or not and take songs at face value strictly.   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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