1995-2001 Hydra - vocals, violin  
2001-2006 Elfonía - vocals, violin  
2005- Stream Of Passion - vocals, violin  
Studio musician:
2012 To-Mera - violin  
Live musician:
2014- Karmaflow - vocals  
2015- The Gentle Storm - vocals  
Guest musician:
2004 Ayreon - vocals  
2008 Beto Vázquez Infinity - vocals  
2009 The Gathering - vocals  
2013 ReVamp - vocals  
2013 Subsignal - vocals  


09.06.2009 Stream Of Passion
21.07.2006 Elfonía - This Sonic Landscape
16.01.2006 Stream Of Passion
30.12.2005 Stream Of Passion - Embrace The Storm

Personal information

Born on: 17.10.1979
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Marcela Alejandra Bovio García (born October 17, 1979 in Monterrey, Nuevo León) is a Mexican mezzo-soprano singer and violinist. She was one of the founding members of the Mexican band Elfonía, she responded to a "casting call" of sorts for relatively unknown singers to be featured on Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon album The Human Equation where she landed the part of "Wife". She also sang on the bonus disc of the re-release of the first Ayreon album The Final Experiment.
Marcela Bovio

Later, she was picked as the lead singer of another Lucassen project, Stream of Passion (in which she also plays the violin, one of the defining sounds of the band) who have released three full length albums; Embrace the Storm, The Flame Within and Darker Days, as well as a live album, Live in the Real World. After Lucassen's departure from the band in 2007, Bovio became the sole composer of the band.