Weronika Zbieg


2002- Totem - vocals  
2005- Sceptic - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 02.05.1983

She was born 2 may 1983. Since childhood she lived in a small town Bukowno near Cracow. Her first band in which she was a vocalist was a cover band called "Fatal Error." In 2002, and from the ashes of "Fatal Error" came into existence a thrash/death metal band called Totem in which she became a vocalist alongside Auman. In April 2002, she recorded with Totem the band's first demo called "Pink Drink With Red Bullshit", and a first full length album called "Intro." In 2005, she recorded next full length album with Totem called "Day Before The End" and a music video for the song "Thrash The South" from the same album. Weronika is also a vocalist in the technical death metal band Sceptic. In 2004-2005 she was only a guest singer in Sceptic both on stage and in the studio. In September 2005, when Marcin Urbaś left Sceptic she recorded the main vocals on Sceptic album "Internal Complexity" and music video "Suddenly Awaken." During 2007 she left her career on hold to complete her college education in France.

Other information about Weronika Zbieg:
Pseudonyms: Wera, Thisagri, Creeep (old).
Characteristic word: "Heeey !!".
Interests: music, fantasy, horse riding, sailing, swimming, skis.