David Randall "Randy" Blythe


1995-1999 Burn The Priest - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
1999- Lamb Of God - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2019- Over It All - vocals  

Live musician

2012 Cannabis Corpse - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2016 Eyehategod - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  

Guest musician

2007 Overkill - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2008 Pitch Black Forecast - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2008 Gojira - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2011 Jasta - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2014 Pitch Black Forecast - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2015 Metal Allegiance - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2016 Sourvein - organ, vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2017 Body Count - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2018 Soulfly - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  
2019 Eluveitie - vocals (as Randy Blythe)  

Personal information

Also known as: Randy Blythe
Born on: 21.02.1971

Randy Blythe joined Lamb of God, formerly known as Burn the Priest, in late 1996. The band wanted to retire from its original instrumental sound. His vocal style consists of deep 'growled' vocals, shrill screams, and recently baritone singing. He occasionally uses short quips of prose to outline the band's "mission statement".

Blythe was featured in many of his peers' DVDs, such as Killswitch Engage's (Set This) World Ablaze and Machine Head's Elegies. Randy was also featured in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Working Class Rock Star and Melissa Cross's The Zen of Screaming
Blythe has a small tattoo on his hip that resembles a penis and two testicles. According to Randy in Killadelphia, it was the result of him trying to tattoo the Misfits' logo on himself while drunk and passing out before he could finish it.

He also has a tattoo on his left forearm reading COBHC, which stands for "Children Of Bodom Hate Crew" which is the name used by the band Children of Bodom for themselves, their crew, and all of their fans.

Blythe also has a side project band known as Halo of Locusts.

In 2005, he worked with the heavy metal outfit A Life Once Lost on their album Hunter. He provided additional vocals on the track "Vulture" as well as helped in the vocal processing of the track. He later worked with them again in 2007 on "Iron Gag." He also appeared on the song "Skull and Bones"" by the band Overkill.

Randy Blythe made an appearance as Luke in the horror film The Graves, written and directed by Brian Pulido, and released on October 31, 2009.