1997-1999 Soulfly - drums  
2000 Ozzy Osbourne - drums  
2002-2003 Soulfly - drums  
2006- Stone Sour - drums (as Roy Mayorga)  
2008-2012 Amebix - drums, keyboards  
Studio musician:
2008 ANJ - drums  
2014- Channel Zero - drums  
Live musician:
2006 Sepultura - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 06.04.1970

Recorded and Toured with Soulfly for the debut album. Roy is also responsible for the "Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix)" remix, and Chaos B.C. remix. Roy left Soulfly on July 14, 1999 to play drums for L.A. band Medication, but then left the band and officially rejoined Soulfly on November 1, 2001. After playing with the band for the '3' record and tours, he exited in September 2003 after Marcello Dias left the band.