2006-2014 Dimlight - vocals  

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Born on: 30.05.1986
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Sanna Salou is an Athens born singer. She began her musical studies at the age of 20, where she focused on classical singing under the supervision of National Greek Opera Mezzo Soprano Eleni Davou.

Despite her inherent voice type that classifies her as a full lyric soprano with a dark timbre, she is also equally capable of delivering demanding vocal styles across different genres.

One of her most prominent collaboration so far has been with metallers Dimlight with whom she has recorded and released an album and toured extensively both in Greece and Europe. They are recording their second album, which will be available at some point around autumn.

During the past few months she has been working with a cover band giving her the opportunity to expand on her musical vocabulary and gain experience in a variety of contemporary music styles such as jazz, blues, funk, soul, pop and rock...

(Source: Myspace)