Michael Anthony "Mike" LePond III


NA- Ureas - bass (as Mike LePond)  
1999- Symphony X - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2003- Distant Thunder - bass  
2008-2011 Seven Witches - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2010- Holy Force - bass  
2011- Affector - bass  
2011-2012 Sleepy Hollow - bass  
2012- Rivera/Bomma - bass  
2013- Waken Eyes - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2014- Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - bass  
2014- MindMaze - bass  
2015- THEM - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2016- Shadowspell - bass  
2016- Ross The Boss - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2018- Eternity's End - bass  

Studio musician

2007-2008 Operatika Element - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2013 Lalu - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2013 Epysode - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2013 Reign Of The Architect - bass  
2015 The V - bass (as Mike LePond)  

Live musician

2007-NA Operatika Element - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2012-2013 Helstar - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2013 MindMaze - bass  

Guest musician

2005 Frost [US] - bass  
2013 Michael Angelo Batio - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2014 Enemy Of Reality - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2014 Embrace Of Disharmony - bass  
2015 Mr. Ego - bass  
2016 Enbound - bass (as Mike LePond)  
2016 Universal Mind Project - bass  


15.01.2008 Symphony X

Personal information

Born on: 17.02.1966

Michael Anthony LePond III (born February 17, 1966 in Newark, New Jersey) is the bass guitar player of the North American progressive metal band Symphony X, and also is the bassist for Dead On Arrival, a heavy metal band from New York. The group issued an album - Alive And Kickin' - on the independent Polo label in 1996. He can be heard on all Symphony X releases since and including V: The New Mythology Suite. He also used to play in a New Jersey band called Rattlebone, which opened for many national acts and released a six-song album themselves in 1997.


Michael LePond was born in Newark, New Jersey. When he was 13 years old, he went to see Kiss in concert and was heavily influenced by the band and - specifically - bassist Gene Simmons. He bought some basic equipment (a Univox bass and a 150 watt amplifier) and took lessons for a year. He started listening to other bass players like Geddy Lee (Rush) that influenced his style.

In 1998 he met Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo through a mutual friend and was invited to audition since original bassist Thomas Miller had left the band. He got the spot and has remained with the band ever since.

(Source: Wikipedia)