Tommy Sisco


1985-1987 Villain - bass  
1994-1999 Vicious Rumors - bass  

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Born on: 02.01.1964
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With VILLAIN, I recorded and released my first album in 1986. This album is a powerful collection of seven songs that have stood the test of time. The original vinyl of ONLY TIME WILL TELL has become one of the most sought after discs in the Rock/Metal genre. At times fetching prices of $500 or more. I've actually found a copy of this disc at a music shop in Germany with a price tag of 1500.00 Euro! Strange to be a collector's item…

In late 1993 I joined VICIOUS RUMORS. Here's a time-line of what happened...

Thursday December 16, 1993
I was talking with Carl Albert on the phone when he told me that VICIOUS RUMORS was auditioning bass players and I should check it out.

Saturday December 18, 1993
Carl gave me a cassette of the songs that were chosen to be on their sixth release, WORD OF MOUTH. The recording was a rehearsal tape with guitars and drums, no vocals or bass.

Tuesday December 21, 1993
This was the day they gave me for an audition. They had asked me to learn as many of the songs as possible and there were two or three other bassists auditioning that same night so I knew if I wanted this gig, I had to put in the work. We played through three of the five songs that I had learned but I remember sweating bullets because their producer, Michael Rosen had his ear right in front of my bass cab checking it out real close!
Later that night I received a call from Geoff Thorpe saying that everyone liked how I played and that I should learn as much of the album as possible and to come back on Thursday. Before he hung up he said, "oh, by the way, we start recording this Sunday, the 26th so, the ball is in your hands."

Thursday December 23, 1993
At my second audition, we played through each of the songs only once, packed up all our gear and sat down to talk for a while. In a nutshell, they basically said to me that it sounded great and that they'll see me at the studio Sunday morning…oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Being a part of this band, I was able to experience what I had desired since this journey began. I recorded three studio discs: Word Of Mouth, Something Burning & Cyberchrist and a one live disc: A Tribute To Carl Albert as well as a 4-song EP The Voice. We toured 17 countries and performed for thousands upon thousands of fans. During this time, I produced and edited "Vicious Rumors: The First Ten Years". This is a 75-minute video showcasing the first ten years of the bands existence. It includes live performances, interviews, backstage antics and four videos, two of which were featured on MTV's Headbangers Ball.

In 2005 I was invited to travel to Europe once again with VR to perform at 2 festivals: Tradate Iron Fest in Northern Italy playing on the bill with bands such as Dio, Saxon, Jon Oliva's Pain, Rage, Riot, Gotthard, Axel Rudi Pell and Pink Cream 69. 2 weeks later we played at the now legendary Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen Germany. This time we shared the bill with Motorhead, U.D.O., Twisted Sister, Dio, Doro, Sebastian Bach, Axel Rudy Pell and Nevermore. It was great to play for European fans once again!

Not long after that I was invited to rehearse with RUFFIANS to take another quick tour of Europe in October and November of 2005. This was highlighted with a support slot at Germany's Keep It True Festival. Once back home in California we went into the studio to record the tracks that became Ruffians Desert of Tears CD that received rave reviews all through Europe and the US.

My association with Vicious Rumors led to a friendship with Mark McGee who, in August of 2003, contacted me about performing with LUVPLANET. In the 30 years of being a musician, this has by far been the most musically and personally satisfying experience I've known. In 2005 we recorded and released State of Mind which, I have to say is by far the most satisfying accomplishment I have achieved musically. The tracks on this CD weave incredible stories both musically and vocally. In 2007 the band released Lucky One. This CD is an awesome collection of impressive and heart-felt gems. Mark McGee and Nicole Sutton are by far the most extraordinary songwriters I have known. Together with our drummer Scott McKenzie, we have created the vision and sonic imagery that offers a fresh, unique sound that is uplifting and inspiring.

As of this writing, we are in pre-production for the bands 4 release (Stu Hamm performed on the Luvplanet 2003 debut) and it will be called Luvolution. We are planning a release date of 10/10/10!