Ole Christian Öhman


NA Soulreaper - drums  
1990-1995 Dissection - drums  
1995 Swordmaster - drums  
1997 The Haunted - drums  
1997-1998 Ophthalamia - drums  
2000-2010 Deathstars - drums (as Bone W. Machine)  

Personal information

Also known as: Bone W. Machine
Born on: 13.10.1973

Ole Christian Öhman (born 13 October 1973) is a drummer who played in Dissection but left the band after the album Storm of the Light's Bane was released in 1995. He currently plays in the Swedish industrial metal band Deathstars and is better known by the name Bone W Machine.
In a January 2008 interview, Deathstars' vocalist Andreas Bergh stated that Öhman would not be playing with the group on their 2008 European spring tour with Korn as he "had to take care of his family back home". The rest of the band members fully supported Öhman's decision, and they were adamant that he was not leaving the band, due to their strong convictions on the matter. This was later confirmed by a statement on Deathstars' official website.