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Trap Them are an absolutely brutal metal/hardcore/punk band formed by vocalist/lyricist Ryan McKenney (ex-Backstabbers Inc.) and guitarist Brian Izzi (ex-December Wolves). The current Trap Them lineup is rounded out by Steve LaCour on bass, and Mike Justain (Hassan I Sabbah, Unearth, Shai Hulud) on drums.

In 2007, Trap Them released three stunning records, all of them engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studios. First was their crushing "Self Titled" debut 7"EP on the Trash Art! label. Bringing to mind influences Entombed, Nasum, and even Black Flag, the release was a devastating three song wake up call to the aggressive music community. Just two months later, Trap Them released "Sleepwell Deconstructor", their debut full length also on the Trash Art! label. The album's intensity was awe inducing, proving that Trap Them deserved to stand among the elite of their extreme metal/hardcore genre. Later in 2007, Trap Them unveiled their third release of the year, "Seance Prime" CDEP/7"EP on Deathwish. "Seance Prime" was a tornado of D-Beat hooks, frantic bursts of speed, and earth shaking dirges. The release was unforgettable, smearing the line between sub-genres more so than ever. In early 2008 Trap Them released a split 7"EP with grind pioneers Extreme Noise Terror, also on Deathwish. This release featured an unreleased song from the celebrated "Seance Prime" sessions.

All of these releases collectively made Trap Them a welcomed favorite of critics, fellow bands, and kids alike.

On November 11th 2008, Trap Them unveiled their latest full length masterpiece, "Seizures In Barren Praise". Once again engineered by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios, "Seizures In Barren Praise" showed Trap Them at their most vicious. Having mastered their art of aural bludgeoning, the album musically rips, stomps, and claws forth with rabid emotion. All of this a fitting backdrop to Ryan Mckenney's lyrical stories of depression and pain.

"Barren Praise" is a fictional ghost town version of every non-fiction town" says McKenney. "Lyrically, previous Trap Them releases are all stories from people who had lived in "Barren Praise" before deciding to up and leave. This is the story of those who stayed behind to tell the stories of watching everything unfold..." states McKenney.

Upon listening, it's hard not to picture fragments of your own life as part of the chaotic debris that are these fictional lives. The friends, family, and faces of those that make up the ensemble cast of your own life are all there, indirectly. Making "Seizures In Barren Praise" a broken mirror into their world and your own, exposing every fear, weakness, and wound. All of it set to one of the heaviest and most punishing metallic soundtracks, ever.

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